Staycations become better: Hotel passes int’l safety standard to safely welcome guests

Published January 22, 2021, 2:47 AM

by Johannes Chua

The Department of Tourism (DOT) has allowed a number of hotels in Metro Manila to open for staycations. These hotels have exhibited the capability to ensure that guests staying in their premises are safe from the spread of the dreaded virus.

While other hotels are just contended with having that “go signal” from the DOT, some hotels go the extra mile to ensure that nothing is taken for granted (well, the virus is an unseen enemy), even checking the minutest details to impress weary guests.

In the hospitality world, a favorable rating from the Forbes Travel Guide is a coveted goal. In the era of a pandemic, it said: “Never has it been more crucial for hotels and resorts to assure guests and travel advisors of their commitment to health and safety. Developed in response to the catastrophic impact of COVID-19, Sharecare health security verification with Forbes Travel Guide enables hotels to monitor their protocols and earn a ‘Verified’ health security badge.”

In short, only hotels and resorts who pass the strict standards of safety are awarded a “Verified” badge.

All guests have to pass through a disinfection chamber before entering the premises.

With this high standard, only 161 “Verified” properties all over the world have this certification. In the Philippines, only three integrated resorts were given this stamp of approval from Sharecare and Forbes Travel Guide. One of them includes Okada Manila, now proudly carrying this seal of approval, a proof that its health and safety standards are among the world’s best.

The five-star integrated resort in a statement said, “This accreditation further verifies that Okada Manila is equipped with proper and comprehensive safety protocols that prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Guests can book and stay in the resort with complete confidence, allowing them to enjoy five-star experiences in the safest possible manner.”

The assessment covered the following sections: health and hygiene protocols, physical distancing, administration, and proper communication with guests and employees.

“The property launched its ‘True Clean. True Safe. True Heart. (3T)’ campaign in June, ensuring guests of safe and satisfying stays. Since then, the resort has consistently improved its approach to protect not just its guests but also its team members from potential exposure to COVID-19,” the statement added.

Disinfection robot helps keep a room free from harmful elements.

In September, Okada Manila introduced its roster of state-of-the-art disinfection robots to keep the resort safe and free from harmful elements.