Info drive highlighting people in overall development of BARMM set to start Monday, Jan. 25

Published January 22, 2021, 9:56 AM

by Roy Mabasa

Beginning on Monday, January 25, 2021, The Asia Foundation, the British Embassy in Manila and a major Philippine television network will kick off with a six-day information drive across various platforms highlighting the important roles of women, youth and non-Moro indigenous peoples in the overall development of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).


The weeklong information campaign coincides with the commemoration of the second anniversary of the establishment of the Bangsamoro region.

Some 1.74 million voters participated in the two-part plebiscite on Jan. 21 and February 6, 2019 that gave way to the creation of the BARMM, a self-administered region for the Muslim-dominated parts of Mindanao.

According to a media handout provided by British Embassy partners, the campaign will run a series of special reports, online explainers, and social media posts to shed light on the new parliamentary form of government in the BARMM and highlight the role of women, youth and indigenous peoples in the social, political and economic development of the region.

Under Article VII Section 7 of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL), at least 10 percent of the Parliament seats are reserved seats for sectoral representatives which shall include two seats each for non-Moro indigenous peoples, women, youth, traditional leaders, while the Ulama shall have one sectoral seat each.

The main highlight of the campaign is a trio of special TV reports featuring the lives of women, youth, and indigenous peoples living in the BARMM that will be aired over GMA from January 28-30, 2021.

Among the stories to be featured are those of Dr. Alhamla Ladjahiran, a Sama Badjao from the coastal community of Tawi-Tawi who shares his journey towards a medical career; Bangsamoro youth Abdulsalam Dambong, son of former MNLF chief of staff Dambong Sali, who narrates his struggle to attain education and earn a degree to support his siblings; and Halima Maodin, a single mother who shares the difficulties she faced in raising their many children after losing her husband.

Bangsamoro information campaign organizers said these stories embody the hopes and dreams of the Bangsamoro people for long-lasting peace, stability and economic development in the region.

President Duterte on Thursday pledged to give the BARMM the full support of his administration in the face of daunting challenges aggravated by the outbreak of the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) pandemic.

“Be assured that this administration will remain determined in its commitment to support self-determination, uphold human rights and advance social welfare in the Bangsamoro region,” Duterte said in a speech commemorating the BARMM anniversary.