Epson EF-100: perfect for movie nights

Published January 22, 2021, 12:07 PM

by MB Technews

By Jaime Misalucha

The perfect companion on a lazy rainy weekend while curled up in bed is a good movie or series to watch. Some may be content watching on their smartphones or laptops. Others use their smart TVs. But the ultimate ‘Netflix and chill’ setup is with a projector that’ll give you that movie house feel right at the comfort of your own home.

One thing I remember when I hear the word “projector” is how I carry one back in college from our school’s media center to our classroom whenever I have class reports. Back then, projectors are darn heavy! I would always have my arms shaking after carrying one across the campus.

Which is why when I was assigned to test out a projector, one of the first questions I asked was, “is it heavy?” But thank God, the Epson EF-100w projector isn’t. Heck! My daily work bag is even heavier than this projector.

So anyway, this newest projector from Epson is an impressive little box of home entertainment that is just full of surprises. It is Bluetooth capable so that you can connect your wireless home surround sound system or any Bluetooth enabled speakers so that you can truly immerse yourself with what you are watching. But if you don’t feel like connecting wirelessly, the Epson EF-100w has a built-in speaker that is powerful enough to fill your room with the sound of whatever you are watching or playing.

Whenever I do a sound test I always play Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture to test the device’s capabilities. The Epson EF-100w’s speaker fared well and was able to nicely play the lows and the highs of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. The sound is crisp and clear. Would love to hear more bass though but still, it is good most especially knowing that the sound is coming from a projector and not an actual sound device.

The image projected is also surprisingly clear. It feels like you are watching on a high-definition widescreen TV. This is due to its 2,000 lumens with innovative 3 LCD technology. This means it uses three separate color chips to deliver vibrant, true-to-life, and powerful images, with no rainbow-effect distortion. You will clearly see the details and enjoy your favorite Netflix shows. Even in a well-lit room, you can still see the projected image clearly.

Apart from its Bluetooth connectivity, it also has a built-in HDMI connector so that you can easily connect your media streaming device. If you are using the Amazon Fire Stick or the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick there is also a built-in micro USB cable to power your media streaming stick without worrying about how to organize the cables. There is also a dedicated 3.5mm audio socket if you are like me who sometimes feels that a wired connection for sound devices is better.

The back part of the projector has a mesh cover that hides the speaker and the connection plugs. You can also hide your media streaming stick behind the mesh cover to lessen the “kalat” while watching a movie. Because of the mesh back cover, you can also comfortably tilt up the projector and make your ceiling your projection screen.

I tried connecting it with different media sources and it performed very well. Armed with an Amazon fire stick and also a MiBox 4 it delivered well-projected images and clear sound. It automatically detects the connected device and quickly projects it. A Playstation 4 also works well with the Epson EF-100w projector. It will surely give you an enjoyable and immersive gaming experience and a ‘chillax’ movie night or movie weekend.

With its unique but simple design, the Epson EF-100w projector can surely blend well with your home as if it was part of your interior design plan. It comes with a white with silver accent and black with copper trimmings color variants that look premium and high end. Its portability is not intimidating to carry but it is sturdy enough so you won’t have to worry that it might fall off or tumble down. Its mesh back cover is an interesting touch as it serves as storage of your media streaming stick along with attached cables. Because of this, it also gives the Epson EF-100w projector the flexibility to position it however you wanted.

The Epson EF-100w projector can be a nice alternative for your HD TV as it delivers the same, if not better, image quality. A gadget perfect for every home for your alone time and for movie nights with family and friends.