Proposed Skyway Stage 3 toll can be as high as PhP274 one way

Published January 20, 2021, 6:02 PM

by Inigo Roces

Over the holidays, many drivers got to experience the benefit of having an elevated road that bypasses most of Metro Manila. While currently toll free until Feb. 1, 2021, our honeymoon phase with Skyway Stage 3 is nearing its end as a toll fee could be implemented by the next month.

A toll matrix published on the Toll Regulatory Board’s website shows the possible toll rates as proposed by San Miguel Corporation.

The cost of convenience

The table shows a list of toll fees that vary depending on the exit. Bear in mind that this matrix is only for Skyway Stage 3 and does not include other toll roads connected to it, such as NLEX, NAIAX, SLEX, or the original Skyway.

Motorists can expect to pay as little as PhP110 when headed Northbount from the Quirino onramp to the Buendia exit. By contrast, the toll can be as much as PhP274 when traversing the entire length of Skyway Stage 3.

For a more concrete example, those coming from the Alabang headed north to NLEX can expect to pay the PhP168 toll fee from Alabang to Buendia, then the proposed PhP274 toll fee for the length of Skyway Stage 3. This amounts to a total of PhP442, not including the NLEX toll fee.

For those from the north headed south to the airport, for example, they can expect to pay PhP274 for the length of Skyway Stage 3 and an additional PhP45 when entering NAIAX.

There are many reasons for the proposed toll rate increase, such as inflation rate adjustments, legal fees, and especially right of way (ROW).  Skyway Stage 3’s original toll matrix was first proposed in 2012. An agreement between SMC and the TRB allows the extra ROW cost to be recovered via future toll rate adjustments.

The toll rate is still pending final approval from the Toll Regulatory Board.