Look: PBB Amanda Zamora takes photo with household staff

Published January 20, 2021, 3:02 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Her parents, San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora and Keri, confirms why Amanda’s fans love her

Pinoy Big Brother fans have been glued to their screens, much more when the daughter of San Juan mayor Francis Zamora, Amanda, went inside the PBB House.

As expected, the house was abuzz with the newest member. Amanda was bombarded with questions as they did household activities together which includes food preparations which Amanda wasn’t used to.

Her housemates couldn’t resist asking her how come, to which she embarrassingly answered, “May mga tumutulong sa akin sa bahay.” Her answer gained her more fans, praising how she tries her hard to be low key, mindful of her housemates who aren’t as fortunate as her. “Ang humble ni Amanda,” filled the comments feed of the Kumu App as people watched how she answered all the questions one by one.

We got to ask her parents on their thoughts about this “new” discovery by Amanda’s growing fan club. “She has always treated our helpers with dignity and respect as family,” says the mayor.

Keri was quick to add that on the day Amanda left for quarantine on December 23, all their household staff had a photo-op with her. One of them named Elise even cried. “I was really proud of the way she answered all of the questions from Kuya. She has always been humble and level-headed.”