E-commerce Delivery Company Welcomes Collaboration with NGOs, LGUs for Advocacy and Improved Public Service

Published January 20, 2021, 4:58 PM

by Edgard Hilario

J&T Express Philippines, one of the leading e-Commerce delivery companies in Southeast Asia,  kickstarted the year 2021 on a high note by successfully mobilizing its first outreach program in partnership in Naga City where they delivered essential goods such as bottles of mineral water, bread, canned goods, diapers, blankets, and sleeping mats.  The logistics company’s program was conducted in partnership with the Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, a Philippine poverty alleviation and nation-building movement.

J&T Express on the road to deliver additional assistance to families in Naga City

With hundreds of families in the Bicol region rebuilding their homes and livelihoods after the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses in the last quarter of 2020, J&T Express Philippines recognizes the Filipinos’ need for continuous aid to help alleviate their living conditions. The latest donation served as additional assistance to 73 more families in Barangay Balatas, Naga City and those residing in the nearby communities where J&T Express Philippines had already provided goods and services in the previous year.

Bottles of mineral water, bread, canned goods, diapers, blankets, and sleeping mats were turned over to Gawad Kalinga Balatas, Brgy. Balatas, Naga City recently.

While being laser-focused on its mission of effectively contributing to the growth of its business partners, J&T Express Philippines also ensures that it gives back to the society as it officially announces their openness in collaborating with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and various Local Government Units (LGUs).

J&T Express Philippines Vice-President Zoe Chi says that creating sustainable partnerships with the government and civil-society leaders on the local-community level is integral to its vision of promoting the interests of the region that it services.  She says, “The LGUs and the NGOs have been very supportive in helping us make the services and products of our members, especially the local entrepreneurs, more accessible to their target markets within and outside their towns and cities. That same strong connectivity now enables us, to efficiently and deliver relief goods and other needed items to the communities that need them the most, especially during calamities that often bring unique challenges to transport and mobility.”

Apart from its recent corporate social responsibility (CSR) effort geared specifically to Bicolanos, J&T Express Philippines has already spent over 10 million pesos for all CSR efforts since it started its operation in the Philippines in 2018,  providing relief goods to provinces such as Catanduanes, Isabela, and Cagayan Valley among others.

Chi previously said that strengthening regional partners is a big part of J&T Express Philippines’ mission which translates to supporting the growth of vendors located in the farthest areas of the Philippines through its logistics network. “However, in times of crisis, it also means using what we have to extend help as far as possible. We believe in the spirit of bayanihan, and that means everyone has a role to play,” she emphasizes.

J&T Express team looking forward to more collaborations with various NGOs and LGUs in the country to mobilize donations.

By making the spirit of bayanihan at the heart of its service, J&T Express Philippines stands as the logistics partner that any NGO or LGU can lean on as they continue delivering their donations to remote provinces experiencing crises.