De los Santos balances time between training and singing career

Published January 20, 2021, 8:50 PM

by Waylon Galvez

World No. 1 e-kata player James De los Santos is managing his time between preparation for his first online tournament next week and his campaign for best new artist in an online streaming application.

“I’ve been busy in Kumu, I’m doing a campaign there,” said De los Santos.

“But yes I’m still training. I’m able to manage. It’ll start on the 29th. I registered already for the SportData eTournament World Series.”

De los Santos captured 36 gold medals last year, including 35 from various international competitions sanctioned by the SportsData for online meets of the World Karate Federation (WKF).

That propelled the 30-year-old De los Santos to the top spot of the male senior’s category of e-kata.

But since his first tournament is set late this month, he has diverted his focus on starting a career in singing, something he inherited from his mother Eve. He has posted some covers from Ed Sheeran with the hit song “Photograph” and “Love Me Tender” from the Rock N Roll icon Elvis Presley.

“I’m currently at No. 1 for the Metro Best New You (Male Edition). With campaigns, you have to double the work because it’s like a contest. It’s done by dropping virtual campaign gifts, which are converted into diamonds,” he said.

“You can convert these diamonds into money. These diamonds are also what add points to the leaderboard of the campaign. Right now, I’m still in the lead with 1.75 million diamonds.”

“But there are still eleven days left, so anything can happen,” added De los Santos.

After this campaign, De los Santos said that things will return to normal, and his focus would be on the online karate tournaments of the WKF.

He finished his 2020 campaign in e-kata as the No. 1 player with 17,645 points, followed by Matias Moreno Domont of Switzerland with 8,970 points and Portugal’s Eduardo Garcia with 8,890 points.

In the Top 10 are Silvio Cerone-Biogioni of South Africa (7,965), USA’s Alfredo Bustamante (6,865), Nejc Sternisa of Slovenia (5,060), Brazil’s Murilo Alves (3,520), Hugh Connolly of Ireland (3,405), Abdellatif Choukri of Morocco (3,205) and Bolivia’s Angel Sanchez