Watch: Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada’s beautiful wedding

Published January 17, 2021, 1:44 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Pass the tissue, please!

Today is a special day for Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada, not just because it’s her birthday today, but the couple released a vlog to announce that they’re married—since November.

We had an idea that they have been planning their wedding when she shared in her vlog about being Covid-positive. And they were able to push through before 2020 ended.

The vlog started with the couple seated on the sofa, with Alex sharing that she started vlogging back in 2017. “One year palang kami ni Mikee,” Alex shares.

“Kailan ba ang kasal natin?” she asked Mikee who laughed and said that Alex should answer that, to which they both lifted their arms to show their wedding bands.

They got married in the house last November. “Sorry iff hindi ko na share agad mga nangyari kasi we want to celebrate as a family. Siyempre alam namin na timing din—may pandemic—so we just want to keep it to ourselves fora little while.”

“Masaya kami, happily married kami guys. Finally, katabi ko na siya matulog,” Alex jokes. “Mabibilang lang sa kamay mga nandito,” adds Mikee.

Alex continues by telling her fans and viewers to never lose hope. “Kumapit lang kayo, there was a time in my life na mga requests ko kay Lord, akala ko hindi ibibigay ni Lord and impossible ibigay sa akin you gust have to wait in God’s perfect time.” She also revealed that she wanted someone like her dad, pointing at Mikee and saying he’s the “Bonoy ng Lipa.”

Alex treated the viewers with a re-enactment of their weddings vows. “I vow to give you medicine everyday for your vitamins, kinikilig siya kasi ginagawa ko. And i vow to be the best wife I can be. And lastly, I vow to always delete your call of duty app,” Alex just couldn’t resist adding funny anecdotes.

Mikee was more serious, “I vow to take care of you always and to always keep you happy and to come home to you and pick you up from work. And to love you all the time.”

The vlog ended with the video of their wedding. Don’t forget to prepare tissue!