LET'S VOLT IN! Why did Voltes V get cancelled in 1979?

With the live-action remake "Voltes V: Legacy" just around the corner, "Voltes V" is still alive and kicking 44 years after its inception. But for new and older fans out there, did you know what sealed the fate of the popular anime version back in 1979?

In those days, a whole generation of Filipinos were fantasizing over Japanese media, especially these "crime, alien-fighting super robots" like Mazinger Z, Daimos, Mekanda Robot, Grendizer and of course, the Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V."

The show's catch-phrase: "Let's volt in!" can be heard from every children playing on the streets, along with a  huge market for "Voltes V" shirts, toys and products was on the rise. "Voltes Vs" were at its "ultra-electro magnetic top" numbers (pun intended lol).

But alas, in 1979, with just a few  episodes to its finale, and after the whole team saved Dr. Armstrong from the cruel Boazanians headed by  Emperor Zu Zambajil, the show suddenly disappeared.

The author and his Voltes V toys

First aired back in 1978 on GMA Channel 7,  the Tagalog-dubbed version of this Japanese super-robot anime became every kid's fantasy until it was stopped not by the Boazanians but by the government then led by former President Marcos.

It was reported that Voltes V will not be airing anymore due to its "excessive violence" and "harmful effects on children."

But according to some people, the reason behind its stoppage was because of its "rebellious theme" that didn't sit well with the Marcoses.

In 2012, Senator Bongbong Marcos insisted that the reason behind his father's decision was the guardians of the children watching "Voltes V" and their concern of its possible negative influence on children.

Former President Marcos (right) and Steve, one of the main characters in 'Voltes V'

The exact cause of Voltes V's cancellation remains unsettled. But it sure left a mark for those who experienced the sudden stoppage of their favorite show.

As one fan named Frank, now in his mid 40s, explained: "Well, sa Voltes V, I am a fan lalo na nang malaman ko ang nag voice over kay 'Big Bert' ay si Noel Mallonga. As a child, the formation of the robot and the music is the catch of the show. I was elementary when it was removed from the TV shows and as much  as we want it, it was sad to never see it."

Without any social media nor internet access, most of the fans waited for almost two decades when the two final episodes were finally aired by GMA 7 in 1999.

The anime is still relevant to this day with the recent news of "Voltes V: Legacy" plus its massive fan-base and numerous conventions held worldwide in honor of the laser sword swinging hero.