Barbie Imperial reacts to Sara Duterte's assault video

Barbie Imperial

"Bagong Umaga" star Barbie Imperial could not help but worry about the country's future in latest tweet.

Barbie retweeted: "Scary" (sad emoji) along with a video of then Mayor Sara Duterte punching a sheriff during a demolition operation in Davao City. The old video resurfaced on Twitter.

Fans of Barbie and supporters of Mayor Sara flocked on her tweet to either defend the mayor or agree with Barbie's opinion.

Some of the tweets read:

"Yung Government employee ka pero barbaro asta mo…Kung sa private companies yan HR ang abot mo. We deserve better, tao yan– g*go ang piskal pero tao pa din siya. Hindi nareresolba sa suntok ang issue. It only worsened it."

"FYI, Hindi yan magtatagal sa davao kung scary siya na gaya ng sinasabi mo. Magpasahod ka muna ng tama sa PA mo day para walang tulfo 2.0"

"Know the story behind wag kang puro retweet at share di ko naman alam buong storya… admire mayor sara’s bravery to stand up for the poor."

"Ano na mangyayari sa pinas, kapag yan ang pumalit sa tatay nyang inutil."

In 2011, Mayor Sara Duterte appealed for a 2-hour extension of the deadline to demolish shanties but demolition teams, along with then Sheriff of the Davao Regional Trial Court, Abe Andres pushed through with their operation.

Due to the Sheriff's denial of her otherwise calm request, Mayor Sara gave Andres some blows to the face, before the police stopped the scuffle.