Who is Pilar Valdes and why is she one of Drew Barrymore's 'dearest friends?'

American actress Drew Barrymore is making sure the whole world knows about Pinay chef Pilar Valdes.

She once again featured Chef Pilar on "The Drew Barrymore Show."

Together, they created Roast Tomatillo-Poblano soup, which the Hollywood star described as "so original."

“It’s one of my favorite soups of yours. It was such a revelation the first time I had it. I’ve never tasted anything like it,” Drew said.

Chef Pilar is Drew's personal chef for three years now.

She shared, “Pilar and I literally almost spend every day together, and we love food, we love laughter, and we love traveling the globe."

She didn't hide the fact that Chef Pilar is mainly self-taught.

"You're self-taught, I’m self-made,” Drew related. “It proves you don’t have to have a degree, you don’t have to have a certain economic or cookie cutter journey. You can find yourself wherever you are in the world. You’re in Manila, I was here, and here we are now together.”