Search for Filipina mom, Maya Millete, continues in California

Published January 14, 2021, 6:15 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Husband fears for wife who went missing since Saturday morning

Married for 21 years with three children ages four, nine, and 11, Larry Millete revealed in an interview with ABC 10 News that they’ve had their fair share of arguments.

It has been reported that his wife Maya has been missing since last week. Larry admitted, “Thursday night, we got into an argument. We’ve been having problems for about a year, up and down. After that, I give her space.”

He hasn’t seen her since that night, but he could hear her moving around in her room in the house on Friday night. “I don’t need space but she always needed space,” he adds. By Saturday morning, her parents came by which is why he decided to open the door and that was when they found out she was already gone.

At first, they thought maybe she went out for a hike nearby since she loves to hike. She left her Jeep car, so it was either she went to a place nearby or a friend picked her up for a hike. Larry, stating that this was not the first time Maya needed space, thought that they should give her time and not file a police report yet.

But Maya’s parents insisted in it, with the police recommending to check the hospitals nearby first. By Saturday afternoon, three policemen dropped by their house to check and conduct an investigation.

But when Maya didn’t show up or even call to greet their 11-year-old daughter a happy birthday on Sunday, Larry knew something could have gone wrong. “I wasn’t really worried until her birthday.”

“That was a gut-wrenching feeling … you know, you kind of break down a little bit. She would never, ever not even say ‘hey honey, happy birthday,'” Larry says. “There’s something keeping her from contacting us.”

Her family put up a Facebook page in the hopes of reaching out to people who may have seen her. Many media companies have also released articles and interviewed Larry and the family. “This pressure should push her. I’m hoping she would just come home,” says Larry.

“The longer it’s going, it’s as real as it gets,” Larry adds. “I’ve been emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. No sleep, no eating. My face just aged. The main thing is I can’t really think straight.”