Razer shows off techie face mask

Published January 13, 2021, 1:15 PM

by Jonathan Castillo

Over the past couple of months, tech companies are dipping their toes into developing face masks, Apple and LG created a bit of buzz back then. Now, we have Razer, a maker of gaming laptops and peripherals, who tries to show off their own technology-stuffed face mask.

Introduced as Project Hazel, Razer claims their face mask is N95, meaning it has 95% filtration for airborne particles. It will use two disc ventilators, which are detachable. These ventilators would eventually need replacing. Razer said they envision a smartphone alert would notify users that the ventilators would need replacement soon.

It will also come with a UV charging case for sanitation purposes.

Project Hazel will also come equipped with microphones and speakers. This would let people talk more clearly. The mask itself is glossy and transparent so other people could see the user’s entire face.

Oh, by the way, like any Razer product out there, Project Hazel is stuffed with Chroma RGB LED.

The idea behind it seems cool. Though there hasn’t been any medical certifications issued yet if this product is definitely safe to use. Personally, I’m skeptical this product would even go to market.

No price has been mentioned. But who are we kidding? This is Razer. Expect it to be really expensive.