Here’s how to achieve Blackpink’s Lisa Manoban’s dewy lips

Published January 13, 2021, 6:24 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Wearing face masks almost 24/7 doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of our lips. MAC Cosmetics just released Glow Play Lip Balms with Blackpink’s Lisa Manoban as the face of this fun collection.

These lip balms have shea butter, mango, and Jojoba seed oils that deliver a high amount of hydration for your puckers. But more than just lip balms, they come in sheer pops of color with six shades to choose from. They’re a great way to seal the dewy and glassy glow look.

“I had so much fun on the shooting set for the Glow Play collection. The Glow Play Lip Balm makes me feel like myself with a touch of dewy comfort and a beautiful glow. The unique texture and finish of Glow Play Blush made me fall in love with it right away,” shares Lisa about the Glow Play Balms which is an new addition to the Glow Play Blush collection launched last February 2020.