Doctors want full disclosure of data on approved COVID vaccines

Physicians in the Philippines encouraged government agencies and pharmaceutical companies to “fully disclose” data related to the approved vaccines that will be used in the nationwide vaccination program to enable them to make necessary diagnosis on patients.


The Philippine Medical Association, the national organization of physicians licensed to practice medicine in the country, urged government agencies and pharmaceutical companies to fully disclose data related to the approved vaccines especially those pertaining to the rate of effectiveness as revealed during test and clinical trials, and its adverse reactions.

“The data will be used as the basis for physicians to make the necessary medical evaluation and diagnosis on patients,” the organization said.

They also suggested that COVID-19 vaccines be distributed to all public and private hospitals having storage facilities preserving the efficacy of the vaccines in order “to hasten the vaccination program and to encompass as wide a coverage as possible.”

The organization also lauded the pronouncement on prioritizing medical frontliners in the nationwide vaccination program.

“This will enable medical professionals to fully and without fear participate in the program and attend to patients requiring medical attention,” the medical experts said.

It also expressed commitment to assist the Philippine government for the nationwide vaccination program.

In a position paper, the Philippine Medical Association said it would take steps for its participation in the vaccination program such as conducting an information campaign to increase public awareness as to the need for the vaccination.

They also vowed to assist in the vaccination complying with the government list of priorities; monitor the effects and adverse reactions of patients who are already vaccinated; and report to the Department of Health whatever adverse reactions and other information gathered by individual physicians during and after the vaccination.