This gender-fluid fashion shoot is a chic protest to end toxic masculinity

It showcases the beauty of Manila City, too

Harry Styles donning a Gucci periwinkle dress on the cover of Vogue is so revolutionary that it goes beyond just breaking fashion gender ideas, but also challenges some of our modern society's problematic norms. Once again, fashion magazines, armed with a worthy cause and talented creatives, prove to be an effective tool to send a message as well as to protest. 

In the local scene, gender-fluid fashion is slowly coming into the runways,media, and the retail floors. One Filipino creative took it to the streets and channels Style's Vogue cover spirit in fashion editorial shoot exploring clothing diversity and contests the normative forms of masculinity. 

"The shoot was done last Dec. 28 around the area of Manila City. During the shoot, we still follow safety protocols. We also decided to take photos on spots and locations that aren't crowded," 22-year-old fashion creative Nash August tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. "The shoot was inspired by the very timely advocacy about ending toxic masculinity."

Nash August

Nash, being a fanatic of fashion magazines, knows how a fashion editorial works. He spearheaded, styled, and photographed the shoot. According to him, all the outfits used came from various shops. Some were came from online store, some were bought from thrift shops, and few were pulled out from his wardrobe.

Check out the shoot below:

Images from Nash August