Price ceiling on ‘galunggong,’ other fish sought

Published January 9, 2021, 3:33 PM

by Raymund Antonio

An alliance of fisherfolk is asking the government to impose a price ceiling to curb rising prices of “galunggong” or round scad and other fishery products in the local market.

The Kilusang Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas (Pamalakaya) noted that prices of fish such as galunggong have skyrocketed and this particular fish now costs an average of P250 per kilogram.

“Galunggong is no longer a poor man’s fish with its average retail price of P250 per kilo,” Pamalakaya chair Fernando Hicap said in a statement.

The group lamented while farm gate prices on round scad are low, it passes through around four to five middlemen or private consignation who mark up its prices.

According to Pamalakaya, the farm gate prices of galunggong can go as low as P60 per kilo, four times lower than the retail price.

Because of the high selling price, fisherfolks want the government to implement a floor price which would set a limit to how fish prices can go up under Republic Ac 7581 or the Price Act.

“The national government must intervene by imposing a price control that would be reasonable and beneficial for local producers, and not burden the poor consumers,” Hicap said.

Prices of other basic commodities including vegetables and meat have also increased at the start of the year, Pamalakaya noted.