Japanese envoy to PH gets a surprise Pokémon visit

Published January 9, 2021, 3:45 PM

by Rom Mallick

Pika! Pika!

It looks like the new Japanese ambassador to the Philippines is secretly an otaku, or at least he’s a fan of one of his country’s most popular anime figures.

From a post from the Facebook page of the Japanese Embassy to the Philippines, Amb. Kasuhiko Koshikawa is seen spending quality time with Pikachu, the ever-lovable character from the manga, anime, and game series Pokémon.

Apart from greeting each other in a socially-distanced and pandemic-style manner, with the ambassador wearing a face mask that accentuates his barong Tagalog, the two shared a hearty meal of omurice with a generous serving of ketchup.

“Japanese hospitality is called #Omotenashi. It’s not too different from Filipino hospitality, which always comes with a smile,” the ambassador posted on his official Twitter account. “Knowing that Pikachu’s favorite is ketchup, I served #Omurice – Japanese Omelette rice with ketchup sauce – with my smile!”

Oh, you might say, but Pikachu isn’t wearing a face mask. Well, there’s no proof that Pokémon are prone to getting Covid anyway. So, relax and just enjoy how kawaii Pikachu is with Amb. Koshikawa.

Check out their Saturday bonding time captured in these photos.