Start the year right with an easy 8-step DIY home renovation

At the start of a new year after that über horrible 2020, home renovation suddenly seems like a good idea (why not?). The downside to this, however, is that not all your favorite hardware or home furnishings outlets are “back to business.”  Some are operating at half capacity, while some are already permanently closed (a casualty of the prolonged pandemic). 

So how to DIY your home renovation considering that you can’t bring in people to work with you (please observe social distancing), and you don’t have all the power tools and raw materials you need. Here are some easy tips:

1) Fix what’s broken first

Is there a leaking faucet? A broken tile? Or an unhinged window?  Start your DIY renovation by fixing what’s broken for a long time. Pick up a hammer and a few nails to fortify old wood or rusted steel. If you need a new faucet or shower head, it has to wait though, but a few “tightening” of some pipes here and there would save water from being wasted.

2) Rearrange furniture

You don’t have to purchase a new sofa set or a statement chair to make your space look different, sometimes it just needs a new “perspective.” Rearranging furniture has a power to bring a fresh perspective to a space that has been “stagnant” for years. Try it. It can be as simple as pushing a sofa backward and putting two couches in front; or as complicated as changing the direction of all the seats.  This costs nothing but feels like a renovation.

3) Bring the light in

Natural light plays a vital role in enhancing space, it also helps homeowners cut on electricity during daytime.  With more time if you’re still in lockdown, find parts or sections of your house which were boarded up that can become windows. Of course, before opening a wall to make it a window, make sure it is secured well (e.g. with steel grilles) for security purposes. 

4) Personalize your spaces

If you can’t purchase paint or wallpaper these days, then add your “personality” to your space, especially your living room. Hang up homemade art or photos. You have kept your kids’ artworks in the storage for a long time, so it’s now time to hang these (tape it first, you can buy the frame after). You can now hang those movie or concert posters you purchased before to make your space feel more personalized. 

5) Convert corners into storage spaces

Always complaining about clutter and mess? Check your corners, which can become storage spaces. A lot of spaces are not utilized well and this is the time to use each inch of space efficiently. Organize, too. Let each family member know that this particular space is for shoes and sandals, while another is for bags and backpacks. If there’s any good that this pandemic can produce, a cleaner and more organized home is one of them. 

6) Think green living

More than any crisis, this pandemic is perhaps one of the reasons that people will finally realize the importance of “green”—green living (includes breathing in fresh air) and green choices (with the food we’re eating).

With green living, check if your house still uses less efficient incandescent bulbs. Switch to LED lights as these are long-lasting and eco-friendly. Assess if you need to install a solar panel for basic electricity needs. 

As for green choices, now is the time to use the power of plants to enhance your family’s health and wellbeing. If you don’t have the land for a full garden, there are now ways to create vertical gardens in limited spaces. People now realize the importance of growing food, even vegetables such as tomato or lettuce or fruits such as calamansi.

7) Create simple home crafts

A discarded wood can have a new life with some polishing and creativity. That wood can become a simple stool that can be the tuntungan to reach things above your ceiling cabinet. That wood can also be converted to a floating wall shelf that can hold your picture frames and potted plants. Or with more time and skills, that piece of wood, combined with other wood, can become a chair or a bench. YouTube tutorials are good companions to enhance your craftsmanship. 

8) Last but not least, secure your home

No matter what time or crisis, a well-secured home is a primary need. Double check your gate, test the locks, and search for weak spots. How about your doorway? Is your door sturdy enough to stave off forced entry? If in doubt, then your home renovation must start with putting more locks in the door or more safety precautions (e.g. barb wires, broken glass, etc.) on your fence or perimeter wall. A well-secured house brings peace of mind to you and your entire family, especially in these challenging times.