Thompson is one proud ‘plantito’

Published January 6, 2021, 1:57 PM

by Carlo Anolin

Photos from Scottie Thompson’s Instagram account @scot_thompson6

One of the few recreational activities that trended during the quarantine period last year was taking care of your plant buddies.

In short, becoming a “plantita” or “plantito” became more engaging and a serious hobby.  And Ginebra stalwart Scottie Thompson is one proud “plantito.”

On Instagram Story, Thompson flexed his growing “money tree” he has taken care of since. He also tagged his fiancée Pau Fajardo for his small achievement.

“Lumalago ‘yung money tree ko! I’m proud — proud na plantito,” said Thompson while showing a glimpse of the plant known scientifically as “Pachira aquatica.” “Dati guys, sobrang ano ‘to… kaunti pa ‘yung dahon niya, ngayon lawak na.”

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Thompson explained the common belief behind the money tree, saying that it will bring fortune if the number of leaves (leaflets) or “fingers” in one petiole (petiolule) exceeds five.

“Sana dumami ‘yung pera ko,” jested Thompson.

Thompson recently proposed to Fajardo on New Year’s Eve and hopefully, the money tree may bring not only fortune for the two but lasting love as well.