KC Concepcion recalls bad experience while shopping abroad

"Never let that person get the commission."

This is the advice of actress KC Concepcion to people relating to snotty sales representatives.

She told her fans to either ask for someone else, walk away, or simply let others earn from their purchase.

"Or just, you know, go to another store and buy from them and make sure that the salesperson is super nice and genuinely kind to you. So that way, you know, if they get the commission, they can feed their families. They can have a really good time with whatever they earn from," she said in a vlog.

KC then shared how she experienced discrimination from a sales rep while shopping abroad.

As she showed her YSL pursues - which she claimed is her favorite brand as it matched her personality -- the daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion recalled how a salesperson at a YSL boutique in Los Angeles, California supposedly rebuffed her.

"The salesperson looked at me and said, 'Oh, you're looking for YSL purses? YSL purses are very expensive,'" she related.

"Sabi ko, 'Yes, I am. I would just like to see them. I wanna see what you have and I wanna see what's in store.' (Sabi niya), 'Yes, but they're very expensive.' Then sabi ko, 'I'm not asking if they're expensive or not expensive. I'm asking to see the designs.' 'Okay, which one do you wanna see? Suede or leather?' (Sabi ko), 'Both. I just wanna see what you have.'"

Then the agent supposedly showed her the mini-version of the product, emphasizing it's "less expensive than the other one."

"Obsessed siya, girl, obsessed siya sa kung magkano. Hindi ko pa nga tinatanong kung magkano. Hindi ko pa nga alam kung gusto ko tapos sasabihin mo na sa akin na mahal," KC shared.

"So tiningnan ko na lang, and then sabi ko, 'Okay, I'm not asking for the price yet because I have to decide if I like what it makes me feel.' Pagkatapos, tiningnan niya ako, sabi niya, 'What it makes you feel?' Sabi niya, 'Well, you don't have to know about the price?' Sabi ko, 'I'm not asking for the price. I'm asking to see what designs you have,'" she shared.

"So they showed me the mini version of this and the mini version of this and I liked both in the larger version. I asked for it and they answered me by saying, 'Oh, it's too expensive.'"

Fed up with the bad service, KC said it was then that she decided to approach another sales assistant.

"I just didn't think it was right. I didn't think it was proper... You hear about these stories all the time and you hear about customers getting that treatment... I honestly don't even know what the issue was. He was obsessed about how much things cost before I could even decide if I like the design," said she. 

KC noted that as a buyer, she's "very emotional" and wants to connect with the piece before she buys it and asks for the price.

"If I liked it so much, I would have bought it for whatever price which I did. So, I don't think he was doing a really good job being a salesperson... If I own the boutique, I would never hire him. Anyway, the commission went to someone else."