5 shops where you can have your luxury pieces fixed, restored, and given a new life

Published January 6, 2021, 7:06 PM

by Jerico Villamonte

Image source: Vintage Restore Instagram

We’ve all heard the story about Heart Evangelista painting over her Hermes bag because of an accidental food spillage. Since not all of us are as artistically inclined as her, we need all the professional cleaning and restoration help for these luxury items, for even the most diligent of us cannot discount wear and tear.

Good thing there are talented leather doctors out there extending the lives of our investment pieces.

The luxury leather goods in our lives came with a price (a high one, mind you) and that’s why we would rather have them given new life. Not only do restoration services cost less money than acquiring a new investment, they’re also sustainable for our own fashion consumerism—from the penny we save to less products consumed and wasted.

To guide you, here are some our go-to restoration shops to keep your luxury goods in good condition.

Doctor Leather Ph is one of the trusted shops of Filipino celebrities for restoration needs. Their celebrity clientele lists Karylle, Dimples Romana, Heart Evangelista and Korina Sanchez-Roxas. The store’s technical skills include cleaning, maintenance, repair, and restoration of luxury leather pieces. They also offer products like leather deodorizer to keep your goods smelling fresh.

From worn out handles and scratched body to inked stains, Vintage Restore can handle it all. They also clean up oil stains, fix discoloration, and metal polishing. Model-turned-host Kelly Misa-Fernandez shares, “I never thought my oldest bags would have a chance at a second life, until I visited Vintage Restore.”

For every luxury owner in the south of the metro, you should check out APDB-Paranaque Bag Restoration shop. From the piping, the lining, and hardware of your bags, APDB can restore it. They offer hardware electroplating for padlocks of your Louis Vuitton bags, spa for your MCM pieces, and color restorations on your Givenchy must-haves.

Ripped leather, discoloration, and staining are only few of Royal Restore’s specialty restoration services. They also replace worn out soles for your favorite luxury shoes. They also do recoloring if you want to give your goods a whole new look.

If you’re looking to clean and disinfect your beloved bags, BagRx is here to help. From molds to mildew, they do layer by layer manual cleaning to remove dirt build up using technology from Italy. Aside from all of the treatments your leather goods need, they also offer leather first aid kits that you can take home for all those accidental jiffies.

Featured image from Vintage Restore Instagram