Fashion influencer fight: Aimee Song beefs with musician Azealia Banks

Published January 5, 2021, 8:51 AM

by Jerico Villamonte

The musician then involves Bryan Boy and Dr. Aivee Teo into the brawl

Fashion influencer Aimee Song and musician Azealia Banks

Not even a week into January and people are already feuding! What sparked the fight? Fashion influencer Aimee Song calls out rapper Azealia Banks for her remarks toward Lana Del Rey’s body. Trust us, it’s bloody!

On this clip, the “212” rapper sounded off The Commodores song called “Brick House” (which figuratively means a voluptuous woman with a large rotund buttocks and bust) to a paparazzi photo of Lana Del Rey (another celeb she had beef with) to which the fashion entrepreneur, Song saw and reacted to. We’ll let you read the exchange yourself, but be warned, it’s savage.

This was the first exchange in relation to fashion and size. Song doubted the artist’s relevance in the fashion and music world where the rapper responded to Song’s cluelessness on being an icon.

The rapper then started attacking Song’s appearance, even mentioning fellow fashion influencer Bryan Boy and doctor Aivee Teo of The Aivee Clinic. Song then pulled out her Forbes’ feature and net worth sending Banks’ a screenshot of her net worth to prove Banks wrong.

The songstress then posted a picture of her with the late Karl Lagerfeld with caption “The Girls Could Never. Keep blogging sis @aimeesong.” She also put out an influencer definition which a lot of people on the internet agreed on.

Song then shrugged off another comment about her “boring” style of chunky sweater and stacked rings in a true fashionable manner, posing for the camera wearing such.

Featured image from Aimee Song and Azealia Banks‘s Instagram.