10 must-follow mom creators on TikTok

Published January 1, 2021, 2:53 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

The online community on TikTok continues to expand and diversify, as more creators across all ages, genders, and personalities choose it as their platform of choice for self-expression. The mom community, in particular, has been growing and thriving on the app, which has become a haven where mothers can post about their wonderful life journeys as parents, and as women.

Mom creators on TikTok can fill your feed with inspiration, warmth, and mom-positivity. Bring more joy into your browsing experience with these 10 amazing women, who share awesome mom content on TikTok.

Kaye Abad-Castillo
Celebrity mom, Kaye, is best known for her TV and film roles in the 90’s. Now, as a mom, she shares bonding moments with her adorable son, Pio Joaquin, on her TikTok account. Every once in a while, you’ll see posts featuring her husband, Paul Jake Castillo, too!
• Bonding time with her son
• Pangga dub

Sarah Lahbati-Gutierrez
As a style and beauty icon, Sarah shares videos that encourage women to look and feel beautiful. She also posts fun mom content, usually featuring her two sons, Zion and Kai.
• Hey TikTok world!
• Wipe it down challenge

Ina Raymundo
Would you believe that this perfect 10 is a mom of five? Ina is one of the coolest moms on TikTok, and every trendy dance challenge that she takes on is proof of that.
• Who’s next?✂️✂️
• Cool drop challenge

Sammy J
Career woman and fitness enthusiast, Sammy J, is out to inspire. A true fitspiration, she shares fitness tips and workout routines, along with cute and quirky family-friendly content with her sons on TikTok.
• Family fun with her sons
• Splash challenge

Coach Annie Aniag
Top TikTok fitness creator, Coach Annie, helps women stay in shape through her TikTok videos. The workouts that she posts are easy to follow and take little time to complete, making them perfect for busy moms.
• This is why you need a coach
• Belly burn challenge

Mommy Rachelle
First time moms and moms with small children can learn a lot from Mommy Rachelle’s helpful parenting tips and advice on TikTok.
• Tip for supporting baby’s gross motor development
• A must-read book on baby-led weaning

Mommy Avvy
For practical tips for moms, including budgeting, teaching good values to kids, and how to get some much-needed self-care, Mommy Avvy’s TikTok feed is one of the best to follow.
• Tips for maintaining your social life, even during quarantine
• On letting kids help with household chores

Camille Prats
Millions of Filipinos watched actress and TV host Camille Prats grow up onscreen, and now she is a mom of three! She enjoys participating in TikTok dance challenges, and sometimes her whole family joins in on the fun.
• TikTok time is family time
• Watch her dance along to Blackpink’s How You Like That

Divine Lee
Lifestyle blogger Divine Lee uses her TikTok account to share helpful mom hacks that she uses to homeschool her toddler.
• Homeschooling a toddler using busy books
• Incorporating favorite characters in homeschool lessons

This OB GYN is a first-time mom who uses TikTok to share her expertise on feeding babies, as well as other pregnancy-related medical advice.
• The most common pregnancy signs and symptoms
• Baby feeding guidelines

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