The Boyz’s ‘Chase’ album sells more than 200,000 copies in first week

Eleven-member K-pop idol group The Boyz’s new album has sold more than 200,000 copies in the first week of release.

Korea’s Hanteo Chart has revealed that The Boyz’s “Chase: The 5th Mini Album” has garnered 212,666 copies in sales from Sept. 22 to 28, a personal record since their debut in 2017.

This is a whopping 338 percent increase compared to their first studio album “Reveal” that was released last February and had first-week sales of 48,538, or a difference of 164,128 copies. The “Chase” sold 64,652 copies on the first day compared to 14,827 for “Reveal.”

On Hanteo’s weekly chart from Sept. 21 to 27, “Chase” placed second overall with 210,325 copies sold.

“Chase” is led by the main track “The Stealer.” The official music video for the song has accumulated 12.46 million views as of writing since its release on Sept. 21, compared to their last MV “Reveal” which has garnered 7.89 million views since Feb. 9.

The Boyz (Twitter)

During their album showcase, Hyunjae compared “Chase” and “Reveal” albums, saying, "If the previous album 'Reveal' expresses the ambition of teenagers who are immersed in love, 'Chase' will talk about chasing love,” according to Osen.

"We had shown the boys' instincts towards love, but this time we transform into 'heart stealers' who pursue love. Above all, the album contains our determination to conquer the dreams, ideals, and hearts of the public as a K-pop artist,” said Juyeon.

He added, "While the highlight in our previous album is 'scene-stealer,’ this album's notable point is the feeling when 'your heart is stolen' after listening to all the songs.”

Sunwoo, who participated in writing the lyrics for “The Stealer,” said, "I am grateful to write the lyrics for this song. The song's highlight is the opposition between different parts. It's the important verse before the third hook so I tried to focus on the contrast when writing the lyrics."

Last June, The Boyz emerged as the winner on the Mnet TV program “Road to Kingdom,” which pitted The Boyz against six other K-pop boy bands.

For “Chase,” the goal of The Boyz is to win first place on TV music shows with Eric saying, "We plan to work hard to gain public recognition. If there is a wish, The Boyz hopes to win first place on music shows, including 'The Show' that Juyeon is hosting."