Omega stuns BREN behind Hadjizy's Ling

Salic “Hadjizy” Imam’s super-carry Ling proved too much to handle as Smart Omega blanks BREN Esports in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Pro League-Philippines (MPL-PH) Season 6. (Photo from Smart Omega Facebook Page)

Smart Omega pulled the upset axe against erstwhile unbeaten BREN Esports, 2-0, to strengthen its playoff bid in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Pro League-Philippines (MPL-PH) Season 6 on Friday night. 

Sticking to the traditional 1-3-1 funnel strategy despite the massive patch update, Omega leaned on Salic “Hadjizy” Imam’s super-carry Ling in two games to move a point away point away from clinching a playoff spot.  

The Smart-backed squad improved to 19 points in Group B, just a point behind Bren whose adjustments to the latest changes went down the drain.

EJ “Heath” Esperanza’s Jawhead put pressure all around the map in the laning stage of Game 1, setting up the tempo for Omega’s demolition job.

With Ling getting his primary items, Omega dominated team fights for a 14-1 scoreline and a nine-thousand gold lead just nearly nine minutes into the game. 

The Smart Omega MLBB squad (Photo from Smart Omega Facebook Page)

Omega put the final nail in the coffin as it secured the Lord and picked off Karl Gabriel “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno’s Claude in the 11th minute.

Omega built an early 6-0 lead in Game 2 via another stellar showing from Heath’s aggressive Jawhead.

Bren showed some signs life with a four-to-nothing exchange behind Angelo Kyle “Pheww” Arcangel’s Kagura and KarlTzy’s Roger in the river area during the seventh minute.

But that would be Bren’s lone bright moment as Hadjizy’s Ling reached his power spike in the closing stretch to seal the stunning victory.