PVL star Maddie Madayag knows wushu

Maddie Madayag wushu skills
Volleyball star Maddie Madayag showcases her wushu skills in a social media post. (Photos grabbed from Maddie Madayag's Instagram account @maddie7madayag)

Premier Volleyball League star Maddie Madayag displayed her versatility as an athlete by showcasing her wushu skills in social media.

In her Instagram Story post, the Choco Mucho Flying Titans middle blocker was seen practicing with taolu form routines with a straight sword.

“Decided to relearn my first OG sport. Wushu with the straight sword as my weapon. I’m so sloppy I tried,” Madayag wrote.

“Probably why I look so mad all the time guys. Maybe I just got used to looking so serious cause our faces fr were required to look super focused.”

“This explains why I have a resting b*tch face hahaha."

Madayag dabbled into several sports before discovering volleyball and playing for the Ateneo Lady Eagles. The 5-foot-11 tried ballet and taekwondo before taking up wushu seriously.

She competed in several wushu competitions, even winning a gold medal in a tournament in Macau in 2009.