Carlo Aquino shares his first few days of fatherhood

And why they thought of the name Elona Mithi

Two days after celebrity and new dad Carlo Aquino posted a photo of his newborn baby girl Elona Mithi who was born on Sept. 8, he guested on Darla Sauler’s YouTube channel to share about his first few days of fatherhood. The 10-minute video was packed with details as Carlo couldn’t hide his happiness with regard to his new family with his partner Trina Candaza

Sobrang sarap sa pakiramdam na hindi na sarili mo yun priority mo kung hindi ang mag-ina (It feels so good that you’re not prioritizing yourself but your baby and her mother).  Masarap na nagtratrabaho ka para sa kanila, kasi future ng anak mo ang nakasalalay (I work for my family now, because the future of my child is in my hands),” he shares. As to why the unique name, he reveals that Elona is “alone” spelled backwards and Mithi was the name of one of his love interests in one of past movies. “We want her to grow up adventurous and independent.” 

When asked why he only posted when Mithi was born and nothing about the pregnancy, he says, “Little angel iyan e, blessing yan. Bakit mo itatago ang ganyan kalaki na blessing (Why would you hide that big a blessing)? Nagpost ako dahil gusto ko, gusto namin ni Trina i-share ang happiness namin (I posted because I wanted to, and Trina and I wanted to share our happiness).”

Although 2020 might not be the best for everyone, including Carlo who mentioned that his career was affected because of what happened to ABS-CBN, he chose to remain strong and steadfast for his family, “May malaking darating sa akin, kailangan hindi ma-derail (Something big is coming, I cannot be derailed).”

Carlo also shares what fatherhood has been like, taking turns with Trina in caring for Mithi since she was born seven days ago. He even bathes and cleans her. He shares that, one time, Mithi’s poop was on his shorts. It seems the doting father is very hands on, even putting Mithi to sleep. And he is savoring every second of it, because he leaves in three weeks for a project. “Malapit na ako magtrabaho (I will be working soon)," he says. "Every moment, gusto ko na ako na lang muna (I want to be the one to take care of her).”