Karen Davila’s son rushed to the emergency room

Fresh from an overnight trip to Sorsogon, Karen Davila and her husband DJ couldn’t wait to see their family. Likewise, their firstborn David waited at their condominium’s lobby to welcome his parents. 

“When out of the blue, he just started having a full blown seizure!” the mom-of-two-boys posted on her Instagram account. She explained that seizures might be common for kids with autism, like David, but he had never really had them, except for one time when he was seven years old. 

She is grateful for her husband and their condominium’s staff, “They were fast thinkers, equipped to assist, and knew what to do to make sure he would stay alive. And all I did was shout the name of our Lord Jesus Christ non-stop, asking Him to heal and save David.” Their son woke up after and was immediately brought to the emergency room. “I thank God for his memory and faculties are perfect.”

According to Karen's update, David is now okay, undergoing a 24-hour video EEG (electroencephalogram), which monitors brain movement. “Our goal is to prevent this from happening again,” says Karen. “Hug your kids today! Tell your family and friends how special they are! Appreciate life.”