STYLE LOKAL: Nothing beats local weaves

Get to know local fashion brands, Rags2Riches Inc., and Filip + Inna through their handwoven items.

A patriotic touch, no matter how small, gives any OOTD a new oomph. While Philippine textiles are claiming their rightful place in the local fashion scene, there have a lot more stories to tell. 

As Loren Legarda said, "Beyond the intricate weaving technique and fine embellishments we find in our traditional textiles, we discover cultural expressions and visions of our history that have endured the test of time." 

Get to know some of the local brands that champion Philippine culture, and check out the latest picks on woven wearables you can rock in the comfort of your home.

Diwata Laya bag by

Philippine folklore has loads of stories based on deities or diwatas. There are the famous Marias and other diwatas that guide Filipinos through their harvest and even in their dreams. While tales tell of their kindness, these diwatas are also known as enigmatic beauties of the forest. 

Channeling their spirit is the Diwata Laya bag by Created by the weavers in Basey, Western Samar, the bags feature a native material called tikog, a reed plant that's bleached, sundried, tinted, and then woven to create patterns and designs. The Diwata Laya bag is the perfect carry-on for Sunday brunches, definitely a conversation starter for your Zoom get-togethers.

Manton de Magyan by Filip + Inna

If you need something to ward off bad spirits, wrap yourself in the stylish Manton de Mangyan (Mangyan shawl) by Filip + Inna. The shawl is an interpretation of the famous Manton de Manila, an alternative to the classic panuelo

Staying true to its inspiration, the Manton de Mangyan has kept the distinct fringe detail of the Manila version. Instead of the traditional chinoiserie embroidery, Filip + Inna showcases the Mindoro art of pakudos, a design element that is believed to keep the wearer safe from evil spirits. 

Umaga blouse by Rags2Riches

Something to spark joy in your morning aside from coffee, of course, is the Umaga blouse by Rags2Riches.This flowy top merges style with comfort. It is made of pinstriped cotton fabric detailed with Mangyan Ramit indigenous textile. 

The piece is part of the brand's Buong Araw line, an R2R On Repeat capsule collection that showcases breathable textiles and accomodating silhouettes. R2R On Repeat celebrates rewearing clothes and mixing and matching, giving a high impact wardrobe with low environmental effects as possible. 

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