Alice Dixson gives virtual tour of beach house in Boracay

Alice Dixson (YouTube screengrab)

 Alice Dixson has finally allowed people a glimpse of her home in Boracay.

“I’ve been a little reluctant (to do it), but that’s okay. This request has been ongoing for a few years now," she said in the first part of the video.

"But you’re in luck. I actually split my time between Boracay and Manila and this weekend, I’m in Boracay and I’m gonna tour you around my place here on the island.”

The 51-year-old star started her tour from the garage entrance where the motorcycle which she uses to roam Boracay was parked. She then showed the pathway to her garden and her swimming pool.

Inside the house, she showed their bedroom, kitchen/dining area, balcony, and master's bedroom. 

"I like this room the best because it's the most serene, it's the most calming, and it's the most quiet in the whole house," she said of last room. "Sometimes I relax here on the bed when I wanna play computer game or just get away from everybody. Or sometimes I also do my makeup here."

Alice added another element that makes her place "so magical" is the view. She went to balcony and showed exactly what she means. The actress said she finds the sounds of the waves from there just "calming."

It is not the first time Alice showed one of her properties to people. Last month, she also gave a peek at a family farm and beach property in Barangay Cawa in the Buenavista town of Quezon Province.