Photo of the Week

Kings’ Valley (Luxor, Egypt) Photo by Jerry Damian 

“It’s my first time riding a hot air balloon. It was an amazing experience and a lot of unforgettable memories: waking up early, sailing on the Nile River, and driving to the balloon site just to catch the sunrise hot air balloon rides. It is nice to see how the balloons are being inflated and charged. Gliding over the ancient wonder of Luxor, you will see the beautiful Nile River, the agricultural green farms, and a desert where temples and burial grounds are located. Through the sun rays, the landscape and its surrounding were illuminated which made the scenery truly wonderful.

If you are in Luxor, I definitely recommend doing this adventure, riding on a hot air balloon.” – Jerry Damian, Abu Dhabi

Our appreciation to Neutral Ground Reborn (NGR) ( This photo was also chosen as NGR’s Photo of the Day (Week 22), first place (Photo of the Week 22), and third place (Photo of the Month 5) of Season 2 – 2020.