From balladeer to baller: Modder creates NBA2K version of Jose Mari Chan

jose mari chan
An NBA 2K mod of Jose Mari Chan created by a certain Shady00018 (Screengrab from Shady00018's Facebook page)

Seeing memes of singer Jose Mari Chan have become a regular habit during the anticipation of the so-called Ber months.

With the yuletide season set to start on Sept. 1, a video game modder took the humor to another level recently by showing an animated version of Chan as a playable character in NBA 2K.

An 18-second video posted by Shady00018 showed Chan warming up for an NBA 2K game while his famous Christmas song “Christmas in our Hearts” is being played in the background.

“Luh, stretching na siya guys! #JoseMariChan” Shady00018 said in his caption.

The video which was posted Friday morning has since garnered at least 400 comments and more than 12,000 shares on Facebook.

Modders like Shady00018 have the ability to make some changes in the popular basketball video game, using downloadable editors that can access NBA2K files.

It has allowed them to create mods like a 2K version of the PBA, UAAP, NCAA and Chan, whose songs are expected to be played in public places despite the COVID-19 pandemic.