Twooo Fast

Kyle’s Vroom Vroom Birthday Celebration

When Kyle turned one last year, we celebrated with a big party. The number of guests, including parents, children, and yayas totalled around 80 people. I hadn’t thrown one on that kind of scale for a few years. I remember David’s eyes popping a bit at certain costs, but I managed to convince him that the memories would be worth it. I didn’t know how right I would turn out to be. No one could have foreseen the extent that this pandemic would change our lives.

This year, when Kyle turned two years old, we celebrated quietly at home with our family in Singapore. Luckily, Kyle lives with his three best friends, an unquestionable benefit of having a large family. Even though we weren’t going to have a party, I knew I wanted to do a theme and make it special. I love birthdays, and I always celebrate each and every one of my family’s. When I was thinking about what sort of motif Kyle’s celebration should be, it didn’t take very long to come up with the perfect one. He’s been obsessed with cars for quite a while now.

KYLE TURNS TWO Since he loves cars, Amanda thought of a car-themed birthday celebration

I wanted a more vintage feel, rather than modern cars, so I started searching Pinterest for ideas. I was really lucky to find this site that not only provided the perfect theme as well as all the products for it, but also the how-to videos for the DIY (do-it-yourself)
balloon arch.

For the rest of the décor, I borrowed a vintage car toy from a friend and bought these tire Inflatables, which were a hit when the kids went swimming after blowing out the birthday cake. I’m all about multi-purpose and functional items. Small wooden cars rounded out the last details.
For Kyle’s birthday cake, I ordered a dairy-free, gluten-free double-layer cake, which was delicious. I always believe that healthy doesn’t mean boring. I also added cupcakes, Oreos, and popcorn. We didn’t eat everything in one sitting!

DOUBLE PURPOSE The kids brought these inflatable tires to the pool after the party
ONE BIG FAMILY Kyle celebrates with his besties

I wanted to have nice photos to put in a birthday album as I do for each kid every year, so I hired a photographer from the Sweet Escape app. The children finished off the day with a swim in the pool with David. Kyle and the kids had a blast. It sure was a birthday celebration we won’t forget.