These ‘shining’ New Generation Currency banknotes are NOT fake

On July 29, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas has released New Generation Currency (NGC) banknotes that feature a “shining, shimmering” value panel, but it seems like a lot of people missed the memo. 

A Facebook user named Allaine Francisco shared her experience on how a seller refused to accept her NGC 500-Piso bill after calling it fake. She made the post to also enlighten netizens, especially merchants who may risk their livelihood over unawareness. “Baka kasi may magbayad sa inyo nito, tapos ‘di niyo tanggapin. Sayang ang sales (Someone may pay you with this and you won’t bother to accept. Don’t let the sales go to waste.”) 

If you haven’t heard of the new release, the NGC was enhanced to benefit every Filipino, especially the elderly and visually impaired. The refined bills also boast of a Window Security Thread that incorporates anti-counterfeiting technology and the country’s rich culture through indigenous weaves from various regions of the country.

“To further promote inclusivity and integrity in our currency, the BSP also took an opportunity to further improve our banknotes as part of global best practices and, at the same time, improve on its design and security features,” said BSP Governor Benjamin E. Diokno.

Here are some enhancements you should look out for:

  1. Tactile marks to assist elderly and visually impaired in the form of intaglio-printed pairs of short horizontal lines so that each bill can be more distinguishable from one another: It has one pair of lines for 50-Piso, two pairs for the 100-Piso, three for the 200-Piso, four for the 500-Piso, and five for the 1,000-Piso;
  1. Optically Variable Ink for 500-Piso and 1,000-Piso bills that shifts color when tilted
  1. Enhanced Value Panel for 500-Piso and 1,000-Piso bills that adds the “shining,” rolling-bar effect.