Philmar Alipayo on giving Andi Eigenmann pechay instead of flowers during courtship

Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo (Instagram)

Andi Eigenmann doesn't look at Chinese cabbage the way other people do.

Seeing "pechay" makes her kilig whenever she remembers it's a "thoughtful gift" from her partner Philmar Alipayo, who used to bring her a bunch instead of a bouquet of flowers back when they were newly dating.

The picture circulated after Philmar posted it on his Instagram account.

"Ato first pic! Remember i give you pichay instead of a flower mingaw nako sa imo mahal ko (face blowing a kiss emoji)," his caption read.

Andi reposted it on her Instagram story, relating it's one of her favorite pictures of them. 

The actress even noted she had wanted to use that photo during the recent birthday of Philmar, but she couldn't find her copy then.

"So I can make some yummy fish sinigang! What a thoughtful gift," Andi wrote about the pechay.

Few days ago, the actress penned sweet birthday message for her longtime partner and father of her second daughter.

It read: “Malipajun na katauhan sa ako one and only mahal!” (Siargaonon for Happy Birthday to my one and only love).”

They are currently in “long-distance” relationship due to some of the lockdown guidelines. Andi is in Manila with their year-old Lilo and her eight-year-old child, Ellie, who is staying with her father, Jake Ejercito when the lockdown was implemented last March; while Philmar is in his hometown of Siargao.