Scarlet and Mommy Vicki Belo release baking video of their heirloom cookies

It seems Vicki and daughter Scarlet have been busy in the kitchen with @scarletsweetsph with orders of the family’s fave baked goodies. In between baking, they were able to shoot a video of them prepping one of the family’s secret cookies. “This is really something special to me because this is something my mom taught me, and my lola taught her the recipe. So we call it the heirloom cookies or the mango cookies,” says Vicki.

Vicki’s little helper Scarlet couldn’t resist licking the butter off the spatula. “Here we go again. (This is how it is) whenever we cook,” says Vicki. After mixing all the dry ingredients and adding the butter and egg yolks after, Scarlet shares an observation that the mixture feels and looks like the “sand in Aman (pulo).” This spunky five-year-old can’t resist adding that “'Di ba Aman has white sand? I can’t believe I’m eating Aman!” 

As soon as the mixture was ready, Vicki flattened the dough and started to shape them using a heart-shaped cookie cutter. The video ended with the mother-and-daughter duo doing a curtsy. Aside from these heirloom cookies, Scarlet Sweets also offers other baked goods such as brownies, butterscotch bars, chocolate chip cookies, choco crisps, and chocolate oatmeal cookies.