Moira dela Torre to people with mental health disorders: 'It's not something to be ashamed of'

Moira dela Torre

Moira dela Torre sends a message to those struggling with mental health issues, especially in this pandemic.

The singer began by admitting on Instagram that she suffers the same.

“Anxiety attacks have been often. My joints start to stiffen. I couldn't breathe,” she said.

It hurts her more to know that so many people go through this every day, the singer added. She encouraged them to get help.

“It's not something to be ashamed of. Our partners, our family, our friends, our psychiatrists are all gifts from God."

The singer pointed out that no one should be afraid to open up because “your pain is valid and you are important and you are worthy to be heard.”

“I also need you to know, healing is for YOU. God ACTUALLY wants to heal you and to bless you. So don't let the enemy drown you in shame and rob you of the healing you deserve because you are SO loved. Our confidence is that we have a faithful Father we can always trust,” she said.

“None of this is permanent... so keep going, my friend! The pain you are suffering cannot compare to the joy that is coming."

Moira added what matters most is how they can “exercise the muscle of gratitude so much that it outweighs the muscle of worry.”

“You are stronger & braver than you think and you are most definitely not alone.”