Alden, gamer

Alden Richards

He will always be known as prized talent of GMA Network, as well as one half of the team behind the biggest Pinoy blockbuster movie of all time. So, is Alden Richards game for more?

Yes, sir, and, literally at that. Since the pandemic, Pambansang Bae has been more active than usual in donning the cap of a gamer, as in one who plays online games (and doing good at it too).

Here is Bulletin Entertainment’s exclusive interview with Alden on the subject that lights up his eyes and his computer monitor at home late into the night:

You’ve played different roles on TV and in films. Now, you’re active as gamer too. What’s the plan?

“I'm always open to do roles I've never tried before so if given an opportunity like this, I'll make sure na pagbubutihan ko and I will give justice to the role.”

Are you the type of gamer who is into trash talk to get the adrenaline pumping?

“I always treat my co-gamers with respect. We don’t tolerate any kind of negativity kahit sa gaming. Hindi lahat ng bagay na kaya natin sabihin ay pwede nating sabihin kasi gusto natin. My goal is to promote responsible gaming in the community.”

What games do you play? Do you see yourself making a living out of online games by joining competitions?

“Tuwing naglalaro kasi ako, nare-relax ako especially before when work takes most of my time. My top three games are Ragnarok Mobile, Mobile Legends, and Call of Duty. Sa ngayon, I'm giving more attention to it with my livestreaming muna.

“Game streaming is really a career. Being a gamer helps you earn money as well. I actually converted my Facebook fan page into a gaming page wherein I get to engage and interact more with my followers. I’m glad that it’s also another way to help others.”

You starred in the Health Department's new infomercial campaign to beat the COVID-19 pandemic. What can you say about the country's current situation? If you could suggest anything, what is it?

“I start with myself so I can inspire others to do the same because this campaign is something all of us can participate in as Filipinos. Madali rin itong tandaan. The ‘BIDA Solusyon’ key acronyms are B for 'bawal ang walang mask,' I for 'i-sanitize ang mga kamay ng 20 seconds,' D for 'dumistansiya ng isang metro,'and A for 'alamin ang totoong impormasyon.'  Discipline, obedience, and being cautious are very important these days.” 

How’s it like going back to work on "Eat Bulaga!" "All Out Sundays," and "Centerstage?"

“Whenever I report to work, I always make sure to be careful because I don’t want to put the safety of my family at risk. Before I go home, I quarantine myself. Kami naman sa 'Eat Bulaga,' we follow strict protocols sa studio. For 'All-Out Sundays,' we all shoot from home. 'Centerstage' is still preparing to go back on air.”

The pandemic is far from over. Still, what else do you want to achieve this year?

“I think we should maximize the resources we have not only for ourselves but to be able to help other people as well.”