Andi Eigenmann to Lilo: 'You're one of a kind'

Andi Eigenmann and baby Lilo

Andi Eigenmann is having the time of her life as mother. 

This was evident when she penned a sweet message for her daughter Lilo, who just turned one. 

Andi went on to describe her as "one of a kind."

“Happy 1st birthday to this tiny little love of ours! 365 days went by so quickly and a lot has happened around us, but having you kept our lives staying as positive as can be, and our hearts filled with so much joy,” she wrote.

Seeing the bundle of joy grow into an amazing human being, the 30-year-old said she couldn’t wait to see what life has in store for Lilo.

“You are truly one of a kind, Lilo, and you’re life has just begun! I can’t wait for what life has in store for you ... and the other way around,” she stated.

Andi's partner Philmar Alipayo, in a separate Instagram post, also gave a message to his daughter in Siargaonon language, saying he will make it up to Lilo since she's not with her right now. 

Andi has another daughter, Ellie, with ex-boyfriend Jake Ejercito.