K Brosas on having a lesbian daughter: 'I'm proud!'

K Brosas and daughter Crystal

K Brosas celebrated her birthday recently, but it was she who gave gift to her daughter Crystal: The chance to come out to the public as a lesbian.

The comedian shared on Instagram a video where Crystal proudly announced: "Ako po si Crystal and I am a lesbian. I am gay."

K, in tears, said already she knew her daughter was gay when she was in high school and she fully accepted her.

"Anak kahit ano pa, kahit halamang dagat ka, mamahalin kita," she recalled telling Crystal. “I am very proud of you.”

Crystal came out to her mom in 2017.

“That time, I cried and she accepted me with open arms. No judgment, no doubts—only unconditional love. And it was one of the best days of my life.

“And now, look at me. Posting this in public. Letting the world know the real me with my Mom by my side. No more hiding, no more pain, and no more pretending,” she wrote on Instagram.

While some people might criticize K for supporting Crystal, mother said she will always daughter.

Crystal thanked her mom for the opportunity to come out.

“It affected my music creation, human interaction, and also with my ,” she revealed.

Crystal said she dated boys, but “(in) the end, I realized that being gay will never be choice. You should NEVER force yourself to be straight because being gay IS NOT WRONG in the first place.”

She ended her post by thanking K for her love and support. 

"Thank you so much for giving this gift to me—while it should be you receiving it. I would never trade you for anyone else.”

“My happiness is just beyond words. Salamat dahil ikaw ang naging nanay (ko)," Crystal wrote.