Productivi-tips and online shopping tricks by Sam YG

Our new guru in coping and shopping online during the pandemic

Like many of us, Filipino radio and television personality, Samir Gogna or Sam YG (shortened for Samir Young Guy), has been trying to get by the global health crisis. To make himself productive, the famous host created his own routine that strikes a good balance between work, play, and rest. “I really make sure not to stress myself out too much and yun sa ‘kin kasi talagang (in my opinion) balance between everything is essential or else mababaliw ka (you’ll go crazy).”

Online pointers

Sam YG basically does anything and everything he and his girlfriend, Essa Santos, would think of at home. “Kung ano-anong ginagawa namin (we do whatever we want), if you see my Instagram stories with Essa. We’re getting into plants, which we’ve never done before,” said the radio jock and host of Boys Night Out of Magic 89.9. “Essa has been baking cookies while doing a few things online ‘coz now there’s more time to do things.”

“I am also developing a few ideas, pivoting online, given the certain situation, to be able to still work from home and whatnot,” Sam YG discusses. “There are no social gatherings and events to host. The weddings I’m going to be hosting have really been pushed back to next year. For a lot of corporate stuff, I’ve transitioned to digital, hosting a lot of online events, including Lazada’s ‘Guess It,’ which is on Lazada Facebook.”

The corporate and private events entertainer mentions the demanding but also exciting changes he’s seen in his profession. “It is a bit challenging now, but fun also. It’s a ‘new normal’ for me to bring my work home, paano magpatawa sa bahay, paanong set up (how do I make my audience laugh at home, and how to even set up). I’ve also learned how to work behind the scenes. Now I know how to be an audio man, camera man, lights man, etc,” Sam YG reveals.

He also gives importance to a healthy mind and body by making it a point to work out every other day. “You know it’s very important to keep your mental health in check, especially in these times, because, let’s face it, there’s an air of stress and anxiety just ‘coz we don’t know what’s going to happen next,” Sam YG explains. “We don’t know when this is going to end, or what is in store for us. Are we going to get back to the way things were before? And even now cases are on the rise. I don’t think it’s going to get better any time soon,” the Eat Bulaga! co-host points out.

“So, I’m going to go back to what I said earlier, it’s very important to have a routine for your mental and physical health. Create a balance, you should be in constant motion, do something every day. You can start with a workout, check up on your friends as well. Make sure everybody is okay,” says Sam YG, adding, “Talking to people really helps a lot because if you also keep everything to yourself, nakakabaliw (maddening). So it’s okay to talk to people, to be sane.”

Another tip is for us to unleash our creativity. “Try something new. Figure out your strengths. It could be cooking, could be you know doing something online. A podcast or a show but don’t stress or be pressured by what other people are posting. I know a lot of people are also getting stressed ‘coz they see other people online. You know their workouts, doing this, doing that. So it creates anxiety and you ask yourself ‘why am I not doing anything?’ Take your time, figure what you’re good at. It could be a lot of things, go online!,” Sam YG proposes. “There’re so many things you can do and that’s what I normally suggest to people who are undergoing stress, especially the youth who are coping in these times and experiencing mental health issues.”

Online Shopping

Because it is still unsafe to go out of our homes, people have been ordering for goods and products online instead. Accessing online shops is easy, and most of the items offered are considerably more affordable than those in physical stores.

Ay nako grabe (seriously)! Because of the lockdown, I became a patron of Lazada ‘coz you really get crazy deals. I bought a studio light for our photos and videos, which we’re going to be creating. I purchased lamps, potteries for my plants, stands, and more,” Sam YG intimates. “I’ve been buying things to improve the look of the place or where I stay, because again, I now do my hosting and meetings here. Plus, I kinda have time now to kind of fix up the place and make it look attractive so that it wouldn’t look too bare,” he continues.

“There are really good deals. What I do is I add the items I want to cart, then when the sale finally arrives, I purchase it. Sulit yung (sweet) deals,” Sam YG expresses. “I bought gadgets like UV disinfectants, masks, virtually anything that interests me. Before I would explore Instagram before going to bed, now it’s Lazada.”

Sam YG proceeds to teach us how to be smart online-shoppers.

Spend only if you have extra cash

Sabi nga ni Jay Z if you can’t buy it twice, you still cannot afford it. I know a lot of people napapasubo eh (they can’t help but buy), sometimes even if there’s no salary yet,” Sam YG says, and furthers, “Make sure you also spend within your means.”

Save up

Have savings for the next six months. “Dapat nakatabi na ‘yan (be sure to keep extra cash) just in case an emergency occurs,” Sam YG suggests. We should have funds to keep ourselves alive. Nonetheless, give yourself a pat on the back and get something nice, given you have extra money to spare.  He continues, even sharing the therapeutic effect of unboxing, says, “It also feels nice to buy something and unbox it right? No videos necessary, just unbox. Basta ang sarap ng feeling (It just feels good).”

Be thrifty

Handle your money wisely so you get to buy whatever it is you want. And when you buy, don’t overspend. Make sure you are within budget. Always calculate.

Do not borrow money for leisure

“We don’t want to be in debt these days,” Sam YG says. With the uncertainty of the world, the economy, this is pretty self-explanatory.

Be patient

“My greatest lesson in shopping, especially online, is that patience is a virtue. I know you want to touch and own the items that interest you immediately, but this is just like love. If you really want it sometimes patience is key,” Sam YG mentions. “The longer the wait, the sweeter the kiss, that’s why it is prudent to wait for the best opportunity, like Lazada’s Mid-Year Bounce Back Sale. Add your items to cart, which is like you teasing yourself. On the day of the sale, click buy! Eh ‘di parang naging kayo na, ‘di ba (It’s like you’ve become officially in a relationship, right)?”

Reassure yourself

It’s okay to spend once in a while. And to some shopping responsibly is their way of coping through these tough times. “As mentioned, we all need a pat on the back during times like these,” Sam YG says. “Let’s help each other out, let’s use our brains, let’s use our hearts, and I’m sure we’re all going to get through this soon. But for now, keep safe and healthy, and keep that smile on yourself. Let’s all be responsible for one another.”