Termite Warning

Talent and loyalty are important to remain talents of a network. However, time has proven other factors can dislodge a talent from his position.

When Loyal Talent (LT) saw a Familiar Face (FF) appear in a program, LT did not waste time to contact Network Head (NH). Apparently, LT wanted to clarify many issues that FF faced once upon a time. LT wanted NH to be familiar with what she knows in case feelers would come from the camp of FF for opportunities with NH.

LT believes FF was responsible for her having fewer projects some time ago. Although LT claims to have helped FF during her early days, she was not repaid with kindness. Instead, LT claims FF maneuvered her way to become close to the bosses and start small talk against her. Consequently, LT lost her projects, which benefited FF.

LT did not stop there and continued her rant against FF. Meanwhile, NH listened to understand why LT has no love for FF. LT continued that her gap with Fellow Talent (FT) was caused by FF. Worse, FT was allegedly victimized by the behind-the-back talks of FF. Many years ago, LT and FT were inseparable as artists and their partnership amassed followers. They have separated ways and have hardly worked together. LT blames FF for her falling out with FT.

Toward the end of their conversation, LT reiterated that if FF becomes part of their team, the management would be hiring a termite that can destroy relationships from within. LT then said NH should not take her word alone, but many have written about certain undesirable traits of FF.

NH assured LT her stories would be considered in case FF would come on board.

“Be careful not to mistake insecurity and inadequacy for humility! Humility has nothing to do with the insecure and inadequate! Just like arrogance has nothing to do with greatness!”C. JoyBell C

Together Again

After soul-searching, VE’s foremost agenda was to fill the hole in her heart. VE only knew of the One Person (OP) who could fit the space. The problem is that rumors have it OP is dating someone and he might dismiss VE. Still, this did not stop VE from reaching out to him.

VE had a heart-to-heart talk with OP and told him of the professional and personal benefits of being together. During these times of career uncertainty, even future projects are vague. Together, VE believes she and OP can be a strong force again. Moreover, she promised OP she will talk to her connections in the industry so that OP can be assured of work as well. Apparently, OP still loves VE and he gave in. As the two are together, VE would no longer spend nights alone and OP is, of course, the willing partner.

The revelation of their relationship to the public, however, will have to wait until after the quarantine period. The right strategy for the wonderful news is allegedly being planned.

“Because this is what I believe - that second chances are stronger than secrets. You can let secrets go. But a second chance? You don't let that pass you by.”Daisy Whitney