Check out chef RV Manabat's easy bibingka recipe

He baked bibingka using an oven toaster!

Bibingka or puto kawali is among the many Filipino delicacies that is sure to bring the feels you need for the Yuletide season. This rice cake is traditionally made with carabao's milk and slices of salted egg, cooked with two fires, one from the stove and the other from the lid filled with burning charcoal. It is topped with a spread of margarine and shredded coconut.

This holiday treat can be eaten anytime of the day or year, but best enjoyed during December early mornings after attending to another local Christmas tradition, the Simbang Gabi. But with the current public health situation the country is experiencing, Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo will be different this year as the church adheres to safety protocols, mandated curfews, and even takes its holiday liturgy online.

But traditions are traditions, and Christmas this year will proceed. While you may feel unsafe to go out for mass and traditional Paskong Pinoy delicacies, you can still remake your favorite bibingka in the safety of your own home.

Chef RV Manabat shares his easy recipe for bibingka you can easily whip up in your kitchen. So before you go to your early virtual mass, make sure to pop your bibingka batter in the oven. Christmas mornings are best spent with a warm cup of coffee or chocolate and a freshly baked bibingka on the side.

Watch Chef RV make his bibingkas here: