STRIKE A POSE: The 10 Most Fashionable Men and Women of TV News

Published December 25, 2020, 2:13 PM

by Robert Requintina

We have gotten so used to seeing them in the most predictable, cookie cutter clothes dishing out the day’s biggest news stories or hosting their own public affairs programs: corporate blazers and skirts for women and dark suits and ties for men.

Slowly, however, our television news presenters are levelling up their games in the style and fashion department. Gone are the days when male news anchors are trapped in black suits (a fashion no-no, since the black suit is reserved only for tuxedo events and funerals) and lady newscasters in heavily shoulder-padded coats (we know which decade that belongs to).

As a year-end feature, we consulted with a young fashion stylist to see who he thinks are sporting looks that not only match their statures as credible presenters of news and information but are also pleasing to the eyes.

Oli Sara

Oli Sara is a rising pageant and celebrity stylist whose keen fashion sense has helped the successes of numerous pageant kings and queens (including Gazini Ganados and Neil Perez) as well as brand marketing campaigns involving such celebrities as Beauty Gonzales, Aiko Melendez and Shaira Diaz.

In drawing up the list, Oli says he is naming his fashionable anchors “in no particular order.” And so, here they are, starting off with the ladies.

Korina Sanchez-Roxas

KORINA SANCHEZ-ROXAS (TV5). “Like fine wine, Korina gets more and more beautiful each day. I believe that she carries whatever she wears so beautifully because she is at her happiest state, given her still flourishing career, love life, and motherhood. She really is living the best life.”

Karen Davila

KAREN DAVILA (ABSCBN). “Commendable fashion sense and style. She always looks polished. I also love the fact that she’s a big supporter of locally-made clothes, too! I hope she does more in showcasing Filipino styles in her on-air ventures.”

Jessica Soho

JESSICA SOHO (GMA7). “I totally love Jessica for fully embracing her naturally beautiful curves with every dress she’s in. Her doing so allows her to express an air of self-confidence and charm that are surely able to captivate her viewers. Of course, special mention should go to her drool worthy shoes!”

Vicky Morales

VICKY MORALES (GMA7). “Svelte! She’ll definitely give a lot of much younger women a run for their money! She slips in every dress effortlessly, looking very fit! It’s amazing how she has maintained her model-looking frame to this day.”

Ganiel Krishnan

GANIEL KRISHNAN (ABSCBN). “She’s a breath of fresh air! A natural beauty, you’ll get yourself mesmerized whenever she’s doing live entertainment news. For a young lady, she really has an impeccable fashion sense!”

And now for the men:

Noli De Castro

NOLI DE CASTRO (ABSCBN). “Kabayan is THE gold standard of how a male anchor can look good on-cam. He is one male anchor who is not afraid to wear different colors, according to changing seasons and styles. His distinct style is truly unforgettable.”

Atom Araullo

ATOM ARAULLO (GMA7). ‘Who wouldn’t fall for this handsome gentleman? He rocks every suit and tie he wears, obviously because he’s got a good physique to hang his clothes on.”

Rico Hizon

RICO HIZON (CNN PHILIPPINES). “The country’s pride in the international scene is also a scene stealer when it comes to fashion. He always comes out a neatly and stylishly dressed man. Truly dapper.”

Julius Babao

JULIUS BABAO (ABSCBN). “On-cam, he is always slick and sharp! Julius reminds me of Brad Pitt when he sported that salt and pepper hair with matching glasses. Off-cam, he is never afraid to try out the hippest brand and is the personification of #hypebeast.”

Joee Guilas

JOEE GUILAS (PTV4). “He is always styled in quiet elegance, giving an impression of having a strong drive to succeed. His crisp and tailored suits project power and competence. He sports a look that can easily make an impression be it in the news studio or in the boardroom.”

There you go. Those are the most fashionable men and women of television news, according to stylist Oli Sara. He is quick to note, however, that other big personalities such as Ted Failon and Ces Drilon have missed the cut for a technicality–they are no longer seen on TV doing the news. However, they are surely going to be up there if they are brought back to the boob tube. For these men and women we see on TV every day, it may be best for them to take heed from what Coco Chanel once said: “Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway.”