Today is Feast of Saint John of Kanty

Published December 23, 2020, 10:55 AM

by Christina Hermoso

Today (December 23) is the feast day of Saint John of Kanty (San Juan de Kanty), one of the Advent saints, who, like Saint John Paul II, was a native of Poland.
Feast masses will be offered in several Catholic churches in many parts of the world in honor of the well-loved priest and theologian.   
Born in Kanty, Poland in the year 1390, St. John dedicated his life propagating the Word of God and converting many to the faith. He was a respected and distinguished professor of the Sacred Scriptures at the University of Krakow in Poland, where he also graduated. In his biographies, St. John was described as having a good sense of humor and profound knowledge.
In his lifetime, St. John transcribed more than 18,000 pages of theological treatises. He was also described as “a tireless charity worker, benefactor of the poor, a miracle worker, and a humble servant of God.”
The revered saint died on Christmas Eve in 1473. During his canonization by Pope Clement XIII on July 16, 1767, the pontiff encouraged the faithful to follow St. John’s example. He said,
“With St. John’s humility went a rare and childlike simplicity. The thoughts of his heart were revealed in his works and actions. He deserves a place among the great scholars who practiced what they preached.”