Are they the same? Let's compare Jessy Mendiola’s two engagement rings

Last night was abuzz with newly engaged Jessy Mendiola’s latest vlog post. Fresh from the weekend’s beautiful engagement in Amanpulo, she came home to a statement released by Radiant Luxe.

Let’s do a timeline first. Jessy, in the vlog, revealed that Luis and her broke up last May. But Luis already commissioned Radiant Luxe to make an engagement ring for him, which prompted the jeweler to show Jessy the final product, since no proposal has been made prior to the split. The owner also posted a video of the final product and the process of designing it on the brand’s Instagram account last July 5. 

The couple eventually patched things up, and with it came a new jewelry endorsement with Manila Diamond Studio. Being practical, Jessy wanted to have the same engagement ring redesigned, in collaboration with the new jewelry brand. This is the new ring: 

“Manila Diamond Studio was kind enough to help us by having the ring reset to erase unfortunate memories and start anew. I also included a photo of the old design and new design in this vlog,” shares Jessy. 

Jessy also revealed that she designed her own ring, because a friend already revealed Luis’ plans to propose. But wanting to “erase the bad memories” of the past, she tweaked the ring for the recent proposal. 

Upon closer inspection, Radiant Luxe only has three stones: the big round one flanked by two marquis stones—one on each side. Manila Diamond did tweak the design. With still one round diamond in the center, it now has three stones on each side—two small round cuts and a smaller marquis stone. 

But Radiant Luxe “felt the need to inform the public that this is” their work. Stating that they are the original creators. 

So who really owns the design? You be the judge. 

Manila Diamond has yet to issue a statement.