Hyun Bin, ‘Crash Landing on You,’ top Google searches in the Philippines in 2020

Google search, Year in Search 2020, Hyun Bin, Kim Soo-hyun, Korean dramas

Captain Ri and his hit drama “Crash Landing on You” became the top trending searches in the Philippines in 2020.

For its yearender, Google has released the 2020 Year in Search lists and in the Philippines, Korean personalities, shows and movies figured prominently.

Under Korean personalities, actor Hyun Bin, aka Captain Ri, grabbed the No. 1 spot followed by “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” star Kim Soo-hyun. New girl groups Kaachi and Aespa placed third and fifth, respectively. The top 10 are:

Korean Personalities

  1. Hyun Bin
  2. Kim Soo-hyun
  3. Kaachi
  4. Kim Go-eun
  5. Aespa
  6. Jun Ji-hyun
  7. Son Ye-jin
  8. So Ji-sub
  9. Han So-hee
  10. Jo Eun-Jung

“Crash Landing on You” and “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” became endeared to Filipinos as the two topped the trending Google searches for Korean dramas in the country. The top 10 are:

Korean Dramas

  1. Crash Landing On You
  2. It's Okay To Not To Be Okay
  3. Start-Up
  4. Itaewon Class
  5. The World of the Married
  6. Backstreet Rookie
  7. The King: Eternal Monarch
  8. Hi Bye, Mama!
  9. Record of Youth
  10. Hospital Playlist

“Crash Landing on You” also topped the list for top trending searches for TV shows and series. Here are the top 10:

TV Shows/Series

  1. Crash Landing on You
  2. Money Heist
  3. It's Okay To Not Be Okay
  4. Start-Up
  5. Itaewon Class
  6. The World of the Married
  7. Girl from Nowhere
  8. Backstreet Rookie
  9. Prison Break
  10. The King: Eternal Monarch

In Male Personalities, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un became the No. 1 top trending search. Hyun Bin and Kim Soo-hyun placed third and eight, respectively. The top 10 are:

Male Personalities

  1. Kim Jong Un
  2. Joe Biden
  3. Hyun Bin
  4. Tom Hanks
  5. Vico Sotto
  6. Carlo Acutis
  7. Marcelito Pomoy
  8. Kim Soo-hyun
  9. Michael V.
  10. Jeremy Jauncey

For Female Personalities, Korean actress Seo Ye-ji, Kim Soo-hyun’s co-star in “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” grabbed eight place while Kaachi is ninth and “The King: Eternal Monarch” star Kim Go-eun placed 10th. The top 10 female personalities are:

Female Personalities

  1. Issa Pressman
  2. Sofia Andres
  3. Ivana Alawi
  4. Vanessa Bryant
  5. Janine Berdin
  6. Kamala Harris
  7. Seo Ye-ji
  8. Rabiya Mateo
  9. Kaachi
  10. Kim Go-eun

In Movies, Korean films “Parasite” and “Peninsula,” or “Train to Busan 2,” ranked second and sixth, respectively. The top 10 are:


  1. Through Night and Day
  2. Parasite
  3. Enola Holmes
  4. Mulan
  5. Black Panther
  6. Train to Busan 2
  7. Extraction
  8. Contagion
  9. Birds of Prey
  10. Miracle in Cell No. 7

Among people who passed away in 2020, Korean actresses Go Soo-jung and Oh In-hye, and actor Park Ji-hoon were included in the top trending searches in 2020. The top 10 are:


  1. Kobe Bryant
  2. Lloyd Cadena
  3. Chadwick Boseman
  4. Naya Rivera
  5. George Floyd
  6. Go Soo-jung
  7. Emman Nimedez
  8. Park Ji-hoon
  9. Oh In-hye
  10. Sean Connery