Filmmaker Mikhail Red is set to finish 'Arisaka' despite Covid restrictions and typhoons

Arisaka is set to be released on 2021

There is no challenge too great for an artist not to overcome. And this couldn’t be more true in the case of filmmaker Mikhail Red’s Arisaka. The director shared on Instagram his gratitude for his coworkers on the set for helping realize his seventh film despite Covid-19 restrictions and typhoons that have recently hit the country. 

“Three typhoons, Covid restrictions and still finished on schedule for Day 17 wrap—all thanks to this kickass team,” he posted.

Mikhail, who is also known or his other works such the horror movie Eerie and the Philippines’ entry for the 90th Academy Awards Birdshot, tells in an interview with Variety his experience on making the movie amid a health crisis and other public emergencies.

“This year, many around the world faced their own struggles and uncertainty,” the 28-year-old director said. “It almost feels like a miracle to finish a film in 2020 and it is a privilege to get to tell stories in times like these I hope our film’s message of finding our shared humanity while uniting to overcome adversity and oppression resonates well. I hope our hard work finds its audience.”

The action thriller, which stars Maja Salvado and Mon Confiado, centers it plot on a policewoman on the run. She must go on the same trail taken by 60,000 American and Filipino prisoners during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines in World War II, historically known as the Bataan Death March.

Produced by Ten17P, Arisaka is set to be released on 2021.

Watch Arisaka's trailer here: