With P2,000 capital, this mom now earns P20,000 a day

Here's how she became a successful businesswoman

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the fruits of your hard work, especially after long years of working. Mayette Corcuera, mother-of-four, faced a lot of hurdles before she successfully opened her own store. In order to put food on the table, she sold vegetables in their barrio in Tarlac. 

Mayette Corcuera
Photo courtesy of Maria Corcuera

“I used to go around our barrio to sell fish, vegetables, and fruits. Our situation even forced me to borrow P2,000 from an informal lender called Bombay 5-6 so that I have enough capital to start a business and buy a bicycle,” Corcuera told Karen Davila in a Facebook Live interview. 

She also did other jobs: In the morning, Corcuera sold drinks in a public school. At night, she sold balut. Because of her hard work and determination, she was able to put up her own business and send her children to college, one of which became a public school teacher. “I sell items wherever I go, whether it be a fiesta or a graduation, so I can feed my family” she said. "Maybe, this is why the Lord has blessed me."

With her own vegetable stall, along with a grocery store, Corcuera is now reaping the fruits of her labor. She now earns P20,000 a day, and she pays it forward by offering free meals and distributing face masks.

Magtiyaga lang po tayo sa hirap at ginhawa. Wag mahiyang magtinda kahit saan, walang masama roon,” she ended.